THE BEST NATURAL DREADLOCK EXTENSIONS USING ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY HUMAN HAIR! Why wait for your hair to grow. Get long lush dreads today! Info after photos :) Scroll down page.



At DIVINE DREADLOCKS, Ema creates beautiful strong, seamless dreadlock extensions by phone consult and appointment only.


Why wait for your hair to grow just to have long locks? If you have short hair and want some instant long dreadlocks then real hair dreadlock extensions are perfect. These are locked and joined to be permanent, but like all dreads, they can be cut or removed.


Dreadlock extensions are highly recommended for people with hair 8-20cm long. At least 8 cm is necessary to ensure a super firm join.

After a phone and email consultation and viewing photos of your hair, we colour match and order the hair extensions from high quality ethical suppliers. Full payment for the hair extensions must be received first. 


The hair extensions are then locked into dread extensions off the head to reduce the time that the client needs to be present. Once ready, the client comes to get them joined to their dreads.


If a client needs new dreads locked, or their dreads maintained first then the process may need to be done over 2 appointments.


If the client has short hair (eg: up to 20cm or chin length) then their hair can be dreaded and extensions joined in one sitting.


This takes about 7-10 hours, depending on the number of dreads.




SHORT= $12 each. This will add about 20cm more length to existing or new dreads. 


MEDIUM = $15 each. This will add about 30cm more  length to existing or new dreads.

LONG  = $20 each. This will add about 50cm  more length to existing or new dreads.


(Please note, there has to be an overlap of your hair/dread and the extension to ensure a strong & permanent join. This is about 3 cm)



Add the total cost of your dread extensions plus the estimated hair locking and joining time to get the overall total cost.


For example: Someone with a lot of fairly thick hair would need 50 dreadlock extensions (cost $600 short, $750 medium, $1000 long). When joined to jawline length hair (approximately 15-20cm long) it would take 10 hours to lock clients existing hair and to join extensions = (10hrs x $65 = $650).


So the total cost of thick chin length hair adding short extensions would be $1100 all inclusive. This is almost half the price of standard hairdressing or dreadlock "salons"!


Please call 0406 436 630 for a personal quote (all quotes are approximate as locking times can vary depending on hair type)



Divine dreadlocks does not stock hair. Your hair extensions will be colour matched after viewing your hair/dreads via personal consult or emailed photos.

A deposit for the hair and extension locking must be paid via direct debit or PayPal prior to ordering the hair. (This may be between $240 & $650 depending on how many dreads you're getting).

This is non-refundable so a consultation is very important

and vital to ensure a booking.



After complete phone and email, or personal consultation only. Book 1 month in advance. Ema must see your hair or dreads first, either in person or from a good photo sent via email, to work out how thin or thick to make each dread extension and how many dreads you need.



Ema takes a lot of pride in being one of Australia's most thorough dreadlock artists. The join of her extensions (with a 'spot on' colour match) is virtually seamless & they're made to stay joined forever using a super strong 6cm overlapped interlocking method.


Please note: sometimes due to difference in hair type between client's real hair & extension hair, (and client's lifesyles & what there dreads go through) extensions can fall out. There is a 95% chance this WON'T happen but we can't guarantee it. If it does happen without reason, keep the dread. We will re-join it for free. If it has been messed with or pulled there will be the usual hourly rate charge to rejoin it.



All hair locked into extensions must be paid for even if the client changes their mind and decides they don't want them joined. Therefore it is best to be 100% sure before going ahead.