Ema Divine: Owner, principal Loctician & Trainer

Dreadlocking since the Year 2000

Ema was brought up in the Blue Mountains and studied a BA Visual Arts in Sydney then moved up to Byron Bay in 1999.

In the year 2000, Ema set off on an open ended adventure around the world and to celebrate her new simplified lifestyle, with minimal possessions and budget, she decided to get her hair transformed into dreadlocks in Thailand. She felt that having dreadlocks allowed her to forget about conventional western female concerns, such as hair and looks and keep her toiletry bag much lighter. Her dreads allowed her to feel she could better express on the outside who she was on the inside.

A few months after getting her locks, she discovered that her hair didn't dread on it's own (!!!), so rather than let them get scruffy, she bought a hook and began to lock and maintain her own re-growth.

As her dreads grew she recieved many comments on how neat & tight they were and most people asked if she rolled them a lot. She soon discovered that the majority of people with dreads either had messy ones or spent a lot of time rolling & waxing to get them to become neat & tight. She'd never had this difficulty, as her hands and the hook meant she only spent a few days twice a year working on them. And they were always neat & tight.

That's when the requests to fix others dreads began, so initially by trading she would work on other travellers dreads and make dramatic improvements. After a year or so she realised she had a unique skill in a niche market and began to charge a low fee.

Divine Dreadlocks (the name) was born when Ema returned to Byron Bay in 2006.  In 2009 she became a teacher of Visual Art and Design and then paused to have a baby in 2011. No longer working Monday to Friday, business increased and Ema began to teach her trade to others. The demand for top qaulity dreads never ceases and Divine Dreadlocks keeps growing. They're often booked out a couple of months in advance and Ema enjoys connecting with a devoted following of clients from the local area, interstate and from around the world.


"It's the rare and very intimate connections I make with my clients during each & every appointment, that I love! For a gypsy who has settled for now in a small coastal suburb, it keeps me alive! I feel that instead of me travelling and going to meet new people, new people are travelling & coming to meet me. Despite being in the same environment, in some way it helps me to still feel the joy of travelling - it's just that it's from my own studio at home!


Thanks to all my clients for your continuing support over the years!! 


Positive Vibrations to you!"



MEET MAHALIA: A dental nurse in the mainstream world and a top dread loctician in the lifestyle world. 


Mahalia fell in love with dreadlocks as a teenager and saved up to get them after finishing high school. Sadly she wasn't that happy with the results, so she taught herself how to fix them up using the crochet hook, by watching some YouTube videos and learning a bit from friends with dreads. Her skillful hands set at improving her own dreads & she found she enjoyed it so much she set up at Earth Frequency festival to do a bit of locking. She gained a couple of clients & maintained their dreads for about a year before applying for a Traineeship at Divine Dreadlocks. 

After completing the Natural Loctician Certificate she is now working 2 days a week with Ema as a strong member of the team.  Outside of locking & tending to dental patients, Mahalia enjoys learning about healing herbs and self sustainable living!