become a top natural dread loctician & start running your own lifestyle biz with divine dreadlocks TRAINING!


To help you create your new life-style biz THIS SPRING (OR AUTUMN IF YOU'RE IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE) I'M GIVING YOU AS PART OF MY student tribe, 25% off the 'natural loctician certificate course' or the 'advanced loctician course', if you enrol bY wED 31ST OCTOBER 12 MIDNIGHT (SYD TIME). This discount is available no matter where you live!







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* Most banks outside USA charge a currency exchange fee as the platform is in USA.

* You do need a stable internet connection to view the video tutorials.

* Ideally the tutorials are watched in a computer rather than a mobile phone for best learning.

* There is  gumroad APP which you can download on an android or apple tablet or phone to enable offline viewing but you need to enable offline viewing while online to allow the app to imbed the tutorials into it. 

*This course is for self use only not for training others, hairdressers or salon owners can get discounted pricing for having more than 1 staff member trained & certified. 

* All students gain FULL FREE ONLINE SUPPORT via our friendly Facebook Group!

Who is the natural loctician certificate perfect for?

  • Anyone who wants to be their own boss, create their own working hours & meet lovely people.
  • People who love dreads & wish to make & maintain them for a living.
  • People who appreciate dreads & want a creative lucrative at home business.
  • Mums who don't wish to return to work after having kids.
  • Dads who don't wish to return to fly in fly out (or overly demanding) jobs after having kids.
  • Anyone with good people skills and handy hands.
  • Anyone who is wanting to work for themselves at home or in a funky studio.
  • Anyone wishing to escape the rat race and earn a good wage for themselves. 
  • Young school leavers not sure what they want to do with an interest in a service orientated business.
  • Hairdressers who wish to add natural dread creation to their list of skills.
  • Hairdressers who wish to get away from the chemical method of making dreads.
  • Dread makers who use the backcomb/twist & rip plus chemical or wax method who wish to upgrade their technique to one that doesn't use any products and results in  high quality, low maintenance dreads that their clients will love. 
  • Locticians who use other methods and wish to learn the Divine Hand & Hook method and be fully supported by Em and her 18 years dreadlocking experience plus the helpful tribe of 60+ Locticians who have already trained with her. 


  • Divine Dreadlocks and your trainer's history and background.
  • About the 3 main other dreadlock methods and their results.
  • How DH&H method produces instant natural dreads, that don't need further rolling to lock. 
  • How to make dreadlocks that are neat, tight and well formed from the start.
  • How to make dreadlocks without ever having to use a product.
  • How to tackle dread maintenance issues without wax, threads or looping through.
  • OH&S for your natural dreadlocking business.
  • Diverse conversation skills & how to gain repeat clients.
  • How to set up your dreadlocking studio.
  • How to give high end client service.
  • How to section hair for making dreads. 
  • How to create the correct sized base for dreadlocks depending on the hair type.
  • How to know your hair types and how they lock up differently.
  • How to assist clients with all dreadlock decisions for dread creation and maintenance.
  • How to give all natural after care advice.
  • How to answer client enquiries from start to finish. 
  • How to remotely quote clients.
  • What to charge, the current market price for creation and dreadlock maintenance.
  • The wage increases possible as your experience grows.
  • Learn about dreadlock myths, what information online is true or not. 
  • Marketing basics for your business.
  • How to provide top customer service. 
  • How to look after your body as a Loctician.


  • Become your own boss, work from home and choose the days and hours you work!
  • Take holidays and time off when you want to!
  • Quit a job that you don't like and crank up a dreadlocking business as your main source of income!
  • Operate as a hobby business around your main job to earn extra cash.
  • Work as little as you want to just earn a bit of extra cash on the side, or
  • Work as much as you can to earn up to $2000 for a 5 day week.
  • Earn from $AU25 to $AU80 per hour! That's $US20 to $US70 per hour.
  • Have a business with no overheads! Once you've got a couple of chairs and your tool kit it's all profit!
  • Create the kind of dreads that people are proud of, ones that raise the perceptions of dreads in society!
  • Be tutored by someone who has used these methods to maintain her own dreads for 11 years!
  • And know your tutor has loads of experience as she's been dreadlocking since the year 2000.
  • Be rest assured this method will work for people of all backgrounds, because it has been tried and tested on over 2000 clients with different hair types over a 18 year period!
  • Use this method equally on Caucasian, Asian or African hair!
  • Have the opportunity to gain a loyal following of repeat clients!
  • Enjoy what you do and wake up smiling every "working" day!
  • Meet a wide range of really lovely people!
  • Be creative, add dread accessories or natural dread care products to your business.
  • Get access to our wholesale dread care shop so you can offer quality natural ethical products to clients.
  • Be supported by your trainer, other students and graduates of the course in the private facebook group.

BENEFITS OF THE ONLINE COURSE compared to live training:

  • Half the price of the live course. Less than half price if you get a discount.
  • Perfect if you're an autonomous learner (if you're good at motivating yourself to complete goals).
  • Study at home in your pajamas and save money on the cost of travel to the live course.
  • Study this course from ANY country in the world as long as you have internet.
  • Easily set up your learning schedule using the example in the course GUIDE.
  • Learn at your own pace. Fit the study in around work, kids or while you're travelling.
  • Gain your certificate in as little as 7 days and you have up to 90 days to complete the easy assessments.
  • Get instant streaming access to the video tutorials via an email, so that they're always easy to find!
  • Experience ease of learning as the skills are taught in a sequential manner.
  • Enjoy easy viewing, due to the high quality, professional, High Definition filming and sound.
  • Enjoy lifetime unlimited course access, so you can go back and re-study areas if you're feeling stuck.
  • There is no limited views or access to this course! 
  • Download the Gumroad library app to keep the course in your mobile phone or tablet.
  • For more information on the Gumroad library app, click here.

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