I’m thrilled you signed up for my dreadlocking e-guide. I’ve sent it to the email address you provided on the previous page.


It should arrive in 5-10 minutes..... Very exciting!!


But before you go check that out, I have three quick questions to ask you, to make sure I can help YOU achieve your exact dreadlock learning goals even more:

Thanks for your answers! I’ll be in touch shortly with an email regarding your input.

Here’s why knowing what you need is so important to me...

To me, dreads are more than just a funky hairstyle. They also represent a freedom of self expression, that allows people to reveal to the world their own unique and beautiful spirit! A spirit that I’ve found is often aligned with high values such as living peacefully, naturally and in harmony with the earth and one another!

You see, this community has meant so much to me since I first got my own dreadlocks 16 years ago. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure and honor of creating dreadlocks for friends, family members, and over 2,000 clients...many of whom have also become lifelong friends.

If you’re anything like I was when I first got dreads...or when I first starting creating them for others, you probably have questions. You might even feel a bit apprehensive about getting started. Or be unsure of the best way to care for them.

I totally understand. You’re in the right place though, because one of the great things you’ll find about this community is how much we support one another.

As I mentioned above, I’d be happy to get on a quick 10 minute call to discuss your dreadlocking dreams. I’ve set up a convenient online calendar below where you can schedule a chat!

If you want to get/maintain dreads, go here: [get dreads calendly link]

If you also want to become a loctician and make dreads for others go here: [loctician calendly link] *** use the calendy bookings to further segment SB into either area. Use a different day for each group.

Look forward to connecting with you soon  :-)

Positive Vibrations,

Em & Divine Dreadlocks