Dread Care for your Divine Dreadlocks

The best way to care for dreadlocks made by Divine Dreadlocks is:


  • Ideally don't wet  or wash for 2 weeks - just to let your hair get used to being dreads without being messed with.
  • Wash once every 2-4 weeks with a 100% natural herbal shampoo. (no need for expensive dread shampoos). Or you can just use our "Love Ya scalp" spray which will replace the need to wash and keep dreads & scalp clean & dandruff free.
  • Use "Love Ya Scalp" to keep your scalp dandruff, itch, bacteria & lice free. Ideally spray on scalp twice a week & massage in.
  • Wet only when swimming or on your fortnightly wash. At all other times wear a showercap. Tight dreads take longer than normal hair to dry & can become smelly if left damp for extended periods - the same as clothes do when they're left in the washing machine wet - so there's no point wetting them when you don't need to.
  • Ring, pat & turban dry if using a towel or wash in the morning & use sun & wind to dry them naturally.
  • Pull up when sleeping to avoid tossing and turning a lot on them, which adds to fuzziness forming. Or you can wear a stocking over them.
  • Wear a beenie, big dread band to protect them from dust/paint/dirt if you are working in such environments.
  • Touch them a few times a week and check they're not joining at the base. If they are pull them apart. 
  • Have your regrowth done every 3 months if you'd like your dreads to always be neat, or every 6 months if you don't mind a bit of top fuzz.

Enjoy the simplicity, coz your Divine Dreadlocks are locked so well that your dreads really don't need as much thought or work as normal hair. 


This gives you more time to spend on your conscious evolution & less time spent on your hair! :)