inclusions for sale of divine dreadlocks service

Divine Dreadlocks Dreadlock Service Business - Inclusions and Value:

Established client flow to be re-ignited direct to new owner (work 1-5 days): $10k – 100k/yr
Can be part time or full time. The choice is yours! Approx earnings are $500/day average. 

Divine Dreadlocks designer logo (copywrite):  $500

Established Brand 10 years worldwide recognition as a top quality service: invaluable website with 1 year paid for: $240

Website copy addition/alteration to include new owner details: $500

Affiliate sales rights to all Divine Dreadlocks Courses (paid $25-499/sale): $500*-10,000/yr

Divine Dreadlocks physical shop (sell direct to clients in studio): $1000* – 4000/yr

Divine Dreadlocks online shop (sell online to anyone worldwide): $8000+/yr

Divine Dreadlocks Tribe Instagram page 6200 followers TBD: $1500

Divine Dreadlocks Tribe Facebook page 15,000 followers TBD: $2000

5 star service history on Facebook with over 30 reviews: invaluable

New google business account to direct all new customers to YOU: $300

Client email list of 180 old clients for direct email marketing: invaluable

5 different online directory listings: $500  

Dreadlock tool bench: $100

Dreadlock product display cupboard: $150

Dreadlock client mirror: $100

Divine Dreadlocks large banner & street or door sign: $60

Vistaprint account for divine dreadlocks with boutique designed labels: $200
Introduction via email to all my past clients & direct contact from all new client enquiries. Priceless.

PRODUCTS:  exact value determined at sale (approx $1000+)

Loc Blocs, packaging & labels: $12 RRP

Love Ya Scalp (bottles, solution & labels): $15 RRP 

Clover 0.6mm crochet hooks: $12 RRP

Tools (combs, bands, gator grips, duckbill clips, scissors, mannequins) TBD ? 



2- 3 days live training with Em (how to perfect your dread creation, extensions & maintenance work, quote & charge with ease plus all theory): $1400 - 1800

Training in website administration, copywriting, SEO, blog writing - 3hr: $300

Training in the website email system -  1hr: $100

Connection of website biz email addresses to gmail - DFY (done for you): $100

Online shop operation 1-2hr: $200

Paypal setup and integration for online shop income-  DFY (done for you): $150

Booking forms – DFY: $150 set up & booking deposit payment set up & training - 1hr: $150

How to manage a google business account  - 1hr: $100

3 months worth of quoting assistance & rate advice for each client via messenger: $1200

Results Coaching on all aspects of running the biz including emotional or psychological issues blocks etc 6 sessions 1-1 of 1 hr a session: $720

And complete moral support. Invaluable



$21,220 worth of extras free and included in the sale. 
* this figure is calculated from all the above inclusions and only low ends income for affiliate course sales & shop sales in house, hence there's ability to increase the income.
The true value comes when you add the value of dread clients.
This will depend on how much you want to work!! See below. 

INCOME FROM CLIENTS $10,000 – 100,000 p.a working from 1-5 days a week. This income depends on how many days you choose to work a week and how many weeks per year you work. 

$30,000 - 130,000 PER ANNUM

$0 - $5000 per year.
If you don't want to advertise or buy more stock and you work from home then there is NO outlay. 
Shop stock and labels and the website payment & a social media posting tool will cost up to $5000/yr depending on how much stock you buy too. 
If you wish to pay for ads on social media this can add more cost, but it should only be when you know that the return on the investment is worth it - this means the ads bring in more money than the ad spend. I never used ads to get clients, not once. You don't need it. 
In terms of taxable deductions they add up to more as you can deduct the cost of the studio/room in your house, electricity, internet, phone, stationary, tools etc etc


$21k reduced to $19k (if Divine Dreadlocks Trained with biz coaching)
$22k (if not Divine Dreadlocks Trained as this will include the Advanced Loctician Certificate Online with private dread service and biz coaching, must be paid up front, no change of minds).
Inclusions listed above. (shop, affiliate sales, social media, tools, furniture etc etc)

Please note that the client door has been closed due to my spine injury last year (April 2020) and yet there is still requests coming in. The client door was only ajar for the past 2 years as I put a lot more focus and time into training than locking by choice. Previous to that there was endless flow. 
The work will begin with a minimum amount of work and then I will help to build the client flow back up for you so that it is on tap again. After the 3 month support period is over, then it will be up to YOUR ENERGY, motivation & input as to how many clients you book each week, but this business can easily get back to an endless client flow if that’s what you want. 

At my peak in this business, as a mum with little children (2 kids under 5), I chose to work only 3 days a week and was booked out for 3-8 hrs a day for 6 months in advance. I could have booked 12 months in advance but stopped booking at 6 months due to choice. The demand is huge.  I earnt roughly of $1000-1200 cash per week in a 3 day working week. Some weeks were $2000 with extensions clients.
Hence if you choose to work 5 days you can earn up to $100,000 per year! 

I can help rebuild the client flow until the 3 month support period is over and it will reach the previous booked out status, as long as you put your own energy and motivation into taking ALL client enquiries in a timely manner, making bookings, & regular social media posting to showcase your work plus reaching out to my email list.
I will also continue to do minimal social posting (on the training) which will increase social engagement and followers. We will both have admin access to the social media. 

1st gear is 1 day a week at roughly $190-500/day. 2nd gear 2 days of that, etc up to $2000 for a 5 day big wk.

If you desire hard work and good money, the chance of this being a $100k a year business is there.

If you desire a relaxed free lifestyle then you can cruise on 3 days a week work for $50k/yr.

You book clients on days an hours to suit YOU.

You take holidays when it suits YOU.

You answer to nobody (except your clients when you are switched on for business)

You can increase the shop products, get creative, make your own and have fun with it!

** Business sale value has been assessed at $60,000, based on rules of sale of business. I am selling it cheaper as I want someone to have a great deal and the client flow will need re-establishing to new owner. 
** I will continue to operate Divine Dreadlocks Training which has a slightly different logo and website so that it can stand alone, yet is and always will be a sister business to Divine Dreadlocks. 
** If you don't have dread experience and buy the business with the training, you won't start on the high hourly rate but as soon as your quality is high you can charge the same prices for jobs but you will take longer until your speed increases. With dedication it won't take long. 

** The website must always contain a link to under the courses banner. No pages should be deleted without professional 'SEO traffic advice" as it will lower the amount of traffic that comes in. I will tailor website to new owner so that info on ABOUT page reflects the new owner as "owner/loctician" and myself as the "founder/loctician trainer"

**Due to some joint use of the Website, Facebook Page and Instagram page (which only enhances the following and reach) there must be 100% good will, harmony & ethical alignment between myself and the new owner. 
** New owner must have high quality customer & dreadlocking service ability and ethos. 
** New owner must understand that my results for income & client flow reflect the energy I put in. The same results are achievable and can be exceeded with the same or more energy put in & an alignment of the high quality service ethos.  
** There are no refunds after sale is complete.
** Sale will not be final till paid in full. A deposit can hold the sale if need be for up to 2 weeks.