DIVINE DREADLOCKS LITTLE SHOP (natural dread care & dreadlock tools)

At Divine Dreadlocks, if you haven't already realised, we're not huge fans of "dread stuff"! We essentially believe in creating neat, tight, permanently locked dreads that actually DON'T NEED any locking products! But, this doesn't mean they don't deserve some loving an pampering! All dreadlocks and all people deserve that! 


So to keep everyone happy we decided that the only products we would offer for sale are ones that CARE FOR your dreads. And ones we have created, tried and tested ourselves for years! And as dreadlock training specialists, we also sell all the essential tools of the trade. Whether you are maintaining your own dreads, creating dreads for your partner or friend or you are a natural (Divine Hand & Hook) Loctician, you can get everything you need from us!


We sell ergonomic dreadlock hooks (the best crochet hook ever to work on dreads), basic dreadlocking kits (perfect if you buy the "Art of Natural Dreadlocking Course" and full Loctician's kits including a tool belt and practice mannequin. 


Click below to enter our "Little Dread Shop".


If you're a LOCTICIAN who is eligible for our WHOLESALE CARE PRODUCTS email Em for the link.