This was probably one of the most exciting things I have done for myself ever. I knew my decision to have Em dread my hair was easily the best and smartest decisions I have made too! Ema was very patient with me throughout the entire process and allayed all my fears and trepidation and got me across the line and placed firmly and safely on my dreaded journey with immaculate and super lengthy and sexy dreadlocks. A special shout out to Dom who put her hand up to assist Ema on the day. I will also be trying to get to a course in the near future. Luv ya guts Em😘
Kerrie Hartigan: March 2019

I can thoroughly recommend Divine Dreadlocks for the creation of dreads and dreads maintenance.  Ema and her team are all incredibly professional, personable, passionate, and practiced.  I have always been attracted to dreadlocks, and have always thought I would love to have them, but it wasn't until I turned 40 that I finally took the plunge and came to Divine Dreadlocks. That was just over 2 years ago now and I am still completely in love with my dreads!  I have long thick wavy hair that is difficult to control.  Now with dreads my hair is tamed and looks amazing!
I am now about to embark on the D.I.Y Dread Maintenance Course Ema runs online.  Ema's experience as a teacher, and as someone who has a wealth of experience in dreadlocking with the Divine Hand & Hook method, is the perfect person for designing and delivering a range of dreadlocking online courses.  Her passion to share her skills and enthusiasm with others is wonderful. If you have ever wanted dreads or ever wanted to create dreads, Divine Dreadlocks is the place to go.  Natural, tidy, easy to look after, always looks great and lots of compliments from friends and complete strangers!

Rebecca: Toowoomba September 2016

"I have been wanting dreads for over 20 years and have never had the courage to get them done as I was worried about what other people would think of me. I finally decided that I needed to do this for me and if others didnt like it , it was their problem to get over. I searched for a long time and found another place to get them done. I put my name on the list and apparently it was a 12 month wait. I was happy to wait to get great dreads. When it was my turn I had to go that month or go back to the bottom of the list and keep waiting. The people were not very caring of work restrictions and travel etc. I managed to track Ema down, looked at her gallery of beautiful work and discovered that she had actually trained the other person. How lucky was I. I phoned Ema and explained to her what had happened with the other people and how long I had been waiting. Ema was so lovely and accommodating. She didnt normally work when I wanted to come in but because I was going to be travelling quite a distance to see her, she organised to get me in and do my locs.  Ema and her assistant were both lovely and friendly but best of all is my new locs look fabulous. They're neat, thin, wispy and I feel fabulous wearing them. I feel like Ive had them for years. I would so highly recommend Ema and team for your locs and wouldnt go anywhere else now. I know where Ill be going for all maintenance. Thank you" xx

Boz Caldwell. Woolongong, NSW Feb 2016

"I arrived at Divine Dreadlocks absolutely full of excitement and anticipation for not only my new Divine Locks but for the new phase i was about to start in my life. As soon as i met Ema and her perfect little family at her beautiful home i felt immediately at peace and the whole day was oh so enjoyable. Words cant express my gratitude to Ema for creating the exact style of dreadlocks that i have envisioned for so long and i am just so happy to have started my Dreadlock journey with Ema as my locktician :) My new dreads are neat, tight, firm and absolutely perfect i would recommend going to Divine Dreadlocks for anyone who wants to have amazing dreadlocks created by a truly beautiful soul and in a calm and friendly environment. Thank you Ema, i very much look forward to seeing you again in a few months. LOVE, BLESSINGS & LIGHT TO YOU! xoxoxox "

Angela, Main Arm, 2015.

Genevieves divine new dreads
Genevieves divine new dreads

Maybe because I'd been waiting what felt a very long time, more so I think because I was so excited to get Dreadlocks, the night before my appointment I got cold feet and was so nervous I couldn't sleep....!!!
The next day I arrived at was greeted by the lovely Emma and Ness and all my anxieties were eased as she talked me through the look I wanted and listened to everything (i didn't want my dreads to thick and i wanted a soft fringe and to have my ends open to leave length.)
Little did i know i had a VERY sensitive scalp and was a bit of a fragile baby when the process began Em and Ness were wondeful and right onto it they ,some lovely tunes, gave me a pain relieving peppermint cloth to breath into and talked to me
through ,soon we were laughing and it was time for lunch.
We went to this amazing cafe and I had the best vegetarian burger ever!!
After, the process continued and I could see the dreads taking on shape. I got super excited!  Em kept on checking in and was so meticulous about where the dreads would sit and I felt safe in the knowledge she knew exactly what she was doing.
Soon all was done and I looked in the mirror and was AMAZED. It looked fantastic and I was so happy with the result. Emma and Ness talked me through what the next few months would be like with new dreads, dread care etc.
I also bought her magic dread spray...BUY THIS!!  It soothed my scalp when the itchiness creeps in day 5 at around midnight!!!! and made my dreads smell fresh and clean. Everyone comments on my dreads now (strangers and friends), how cool they are, how tight, how neat, how I don't look like a nit infested jobless hippy like they thought my dreads would turn out hahaha.....
Thanks Em and Ness your work is the best!!

Genevieve, Gold Coast, QLD, August 2015

Service Received: Maintenance
I am so pleased i went to Ema for that maintenance i needed- i was very fluffy, with lots of regrowth, and now i have tight, no fluff order in the dreads, which should last ages- thanks Ema, will come back
Diane, North Haven, 06/15/2015

I arrived at Divine Dreadlocks absolutely full of excitement and anticipation for not only my new Divine Locks but for the new phase i was about to start in my life. As soon as i met Ema and her perfect little family at her beautiful home i felt immediately at peace and the whole day was oh so enjoyable. Words cant express my gratitude to Ema for creating the exact style of dreadlocks that i have envisioned for so long and i am just so happy to have started my Dreadlock journey with Ema as my locktician :) My new dreads are neat, tight, firm and absolutely perfect i would recommend going to Divine Dreadlocks for anyone who wants to have amazing dreadlocks created by a truly beautiful soul and in a calm and friendly environment. Thank you Ema, i very much look forward to seeing you again in a few months. LOVE, BLESSINGS & LIGHT TO YOU! xoxoxoxo Angela, September 2014, QLD

divine dreadlocks
divine dreadlocks

I want to express my gratitude of having my dreadlocks done by Divine Dreadlocks. It was my dream to have them for a long time but couldn't find the right place to make them perfectly around Byron area as I made a big search about other studios. Once I had my dreads made by a friend and I had  lot of trouble to take them out. So, now I'm really carefull and make sure they are gonna be made by someone with a lot of experience. When I went to Divine Dreadlocks, Ema had a big smile in her face and made me feel at home. When I walk on the streets in Byron Bay, people ask who made my dreads all the time, Im really stoked! If you want very beautifull dreads made with no chemicals, no wax but with love I highly recommend Divine Dreadlocks :) 

Cheers! Amanda, Byron Bay, (May 1014)

Thanks to Ems from Divine Dreadlocks... done a wicked job on my fluffy wild mullet. Left me with nice tight little dreads, that only took a few hours and the pricing was great. I've had mullet dreads before and I had to do a lot of things to maintain them plus use a lot of products etc, with Ems dreads no rolling, no products, they're locked in straight away, Im really happy with them and recommend anyone looking for dreads to head to Em's at Divine Dreadlocks!!
Thanks again Em's see you soon :)

Jade, Gold Coast, QLD (Oct 2013)


Hi Ema and family, xx

Wow I would say you have to change nothing at all. 
I met you 5 yrs ago and have not found anyone who makes dreads like you do, Your work is off the hook awesome!!!!!!!
Since I travel alot and can't always get to you for a fix up I have had to see other dreaders but there is no-one I have found who is anywhere near your level and to be honest I have stopped looking and only get you now, I would rather fly across the world to see you and get you to make my dread growth perfect again. 
I have and will continue to tell people of your amazing work and I want to say a extra huge thankyou to you as I even have people who dont like dreads say they love my hair. 
You work is amazing and you are someone who is dear to my whole world. 
Thankyou so much and I'll be back for a chat and fix up real soon. 
Jup brown, NZ xxxx

Ema, I love my new Dreads!

"I received my new dreadlocks last week from Ema, she did an amazing job and I cant believe how good they look. I have been wanting dreads for years and didn't know about this type of method which I would highly recommend. No matter where you live in Australia, its definitely worth the trip to see Ema. Not only is she good at what she does, but she is an awesome chick to sit down all day with and have a chat to. Cheers heaps Ema for the dreads, I love them."

Ben Hickey (JUne 2013) Sydney


My locks are truly divine

What Ema claims to be able to do, can be clearly seen in the end result. What can I add to the true testimonials listed here?
Thanks Emma and Lisa, my locks are truly divine.  MEGA Low maintenance, non fluffing, easy care, hang well, look great. Totally stoked !!!!  100% Totally Satisfied customer
Wicked !!!!!!!
Cheers Adz, QLD, June 2013



Ema Created the dreads i always dreamed of!

"I had wanted dreads for years and after hearing so many stories and ways of doing it, i was totally confused!? Recently on a trip to Byron Bay, I did some research and was so glad to have found Ema at Divine Dreadlocks. She has an amazing way of locking the hair together without using any chemicals or wax which is great as I have sensitive skin. Ema has great energy & makes you feel right at home in her dreadlounge. we shared stories, music, interests & lunch over the long 8 hours it took to complete my hair but it was all quickly over and she had created the dreads I had always dreamed of...I couldn't be happier! Cheers!"

Jenna Groves, Port Augustus, Victoria. May 2013.



"I had heard a lot of positive feedback about Ema's work so I recently got some maintenance done on my dreads that I've had for several years.  Ema is a lovely, warm, down to earth lady that is welcoming and very easy to have a chat with.  Her knowledge on her craft is excellent and you won't walk about without being fully educated on the care of your dreads.  Ema's style is meticulous and my dreads were done tightly and neatly"

Tertia, South Golden Beach, NSW, March 2013.



I found Divine Dreadlocks on the net and decided Ema seemed like the perfect person to create my dreads. I first had half head of dreads done and they were tight, neat and chemical free. After a while I got my whole head done by Ema. I've had them for about 6 months and LOVE them. Ema is a lovely person who does an awesome job. I constantly go back for maintenance and everytime I am extremely happy with the job. I would recommend Ema to anyone who wants dreads or wants to know anything about them.
Thanks Ema :)

Mary-Jayne, Pottsville, 2013



Best maintenance work done!
I only had a bit of maintenance work done with Ema, so it wasn’t a huge job – but it was done extremely well. My dreads were pretty messy and loose at the roots, and after a few hours with Ema they were nice a tight and neat – and they stayed that way for longer than usual afterwards (other people have done a good job on my hair, but it always loosened up quite quickly). It was really nice to just sit in the garden and chat while Ema worked on my dreads, watching the cat chase a snake through the bushes. I’d definitely recommend Ema’s work to anyone who wants tight, natural dreads without waxes or other products. Thanks heaps for such a good job. ;)
Cheers, Sam. Vic. Dec 2012


Ema did my entire head of dreads in one sitting (with a small break for breastfeeding!) I had a wonderful relaxing time drinking tea and ended up with beautiful soft dreads that looked and felt amazing! I wouldn't go to anyone else. They were locked permanently first go. Thanks Ema!

Jac. May 2012


Loving my new LOCS!!!!!

"I went to Divine Dreadlocks to get my bad home job dreadlocks fixed which turned out they needed to be redone. I was at Ema's place for near 7 hours & I would have never have known, time flew!! She is such a beautiful soul and at the same time can create awesome dreadlocks! She has the best music to listen to & an amazing relaxing atmosphere. I love my 35 new dreadlocks - highly recommended I'll be telling everyone I know and strangers on the street. By the way definitely do not try the wax-roll method of dreadlocks, crocheting dreads is the ONLY way to go and Ema has it down to a very fine art! (I have experienced both methods) I left Ema's house with better dreadlocks than I ever imagined. You & yours are invited to Tasmania anytime Ema!!! : )"

Sarah Perring, 2011


 Sorted my dreads out!

"Hey!!! I'm Kay-cee I came too see Ema with backyard dreads, after 4 very quick hours, my hair was amazing!! She was so easy to chat to I didn't even realise I was there for four hours, and the end result is just what I wanted! I am going to recommend Ema to a couple of mates who want dreads put in, and will definitely be driving the 3 hours again to come back for maintenance. Thanks Ema, it was lovely meeting you :) xx"

Kay-cee (Jan 2011)


Perfect Dreads!!!
Emma Made my Dreads in August 2011...i´m so proud of them....they are so beautiful....thanks

Danja, Germany 2011


Australia's Best Dreads!

I've been coming to Ema from the day my dreads were first created nearly 3 years ago. I have people in the street comment how good my dreads are and I always promote Ema as a locktician. The mess free and maintenance free way Ema dreads is perfect and affordable. My dreads look better and better each time I see Ema as the length and thickness changes, they are awesome and I love them. I friend got hers done somewhere else where she has to wax and roll them all the time and she totally regrets not going to Ema.
I thoroughly recommend Ema cause she's great at what she does, very professional and a beautiful person to spend time with whilst getting Australia's best dreads created ;)

Tracy, Lismore, 2010


"What a top job of tidying up my dreads Ema! Plenty of helpful hints to bring the best out of them and fine conversation made for pleasant way to spend the arvo. Will defo be back when the locks need some care n attention!"  

Lisa, Lismore, 2010



"I've had dreads for 3 years and have always struggled to keep them maintained, until now. Emma is truly an artist and gives excellent results that last."  

Wayne, Brisbane, 2010


 One Top dread Artist

"I got my dreads done originally in Bali a couple of years ago. The guys made them really thin as I wanted. Back in Oz, I'd gone to a place in Brissie and wasn't happy with the job at all. I saw Ema's flyer in Mullumbimby and booked to see her. I really enjoyed the experience chatting away in her lovely garden, it's a nice atmosphere. Her work didn't hurt and I love the end result. I'm a happy customer who'll keep going back:)"

Gypsy, 2010


Very Satisfied Customer!

"For years and years I had wanted dreadlocks, but either didn't have the time or the money to have them done. So finally in Oct 2010 by partner decided he would give me the money to have them done for my birthday. I had my dreads put in by someone in the region who was offering a nice cheap rate and they looked great so I tought at the time. I soon worked out that they had not originally knotted n tightened them properly as after quite a few maintanence sessions they just refused to tighten. So my dreads were frizzy n hair was pulling out everywhere. So I decided to seek out someone else to fix them up, I found Ema at Divine Dreadlocks and thank God I did. Because of her made skills n very extensive knowledge of dreadlocks I now have beautiful TIGHT dreadlocks that she spent Hours fixing up for me. They looked brand new after the first maintanence session. After having such a bad start I am now LOVING my dreadlocks and so HAPPY I found Ema."

Adele, Lennox Head, 2010


HAPPY customer.

"I had my hair maintained by Ema about a year ago - after having had my dreadlocks for about six months. When they were first "locked" my hair had been backcombed and then piled with wax, which didn't last too long. So on my first appointment Ema fixed them up, leaving them looking and feeling really tight and neat - naturally! So a year later i went back in desperate need of maintenance work for the new growth, which she has once again done a fantastic job of. Thank you Ema."

Steve Tennant, Gladstone, QLD, 2009


So good, I keep coming back!

"I first came to see Ema in Jan 2008 to get my dreads fixed. I'd had them done at the hairdresser's and they weren't in good condition. She tighted them and did the regrowth and I was very satisfied with the results. I've now been visiting Ema from Brisbane about twice a year ever since. I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on my dreads. I also love catching up with Ema as she's very friendly and easy to sit with for 5 hours! Cheers Em! See you in 6 months:)"

Brian, Brisbane. 2006


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