Do You Need A Licence To Be A Loctician?

I've noticed a few people asking whether or not they need a licence to professionally operate as a Loctician. If you're apart of the #DivineDreadlocksTribe then you'll know that we offer plenty of support for getting your business on its feet long after we perfect your skill as a Loctician, but for those who would like to know in advance, I hope this blog post clears things up at least a little.

Do you need a licence to be a Loctician in Australia? No, in Australia you don't need a licence to be a Dread Loctician, BUT if you want to start cutting hair you may need a licence as a hairdresser. If you don't intend to cut hair or operate as a hairdresser, then to dreadlock or maintain dreads for others as a Dread Loctician then all you need is to have some professional training, which we can provide. Our training is not government accredited due to the face that the Australian Government doesn't recognise dreadlocks as an industry, they only recognise hairdressing. Training to be a Divine Dreadlocks Certified Loctician bears no similarity to any formal hairdressers training or knowledge including the unit on dreadlocking offered by TAFE for hairdressers. The hairdressers method of dreadlocking produces a very different result and involves the use of wax and chemicals in the creation and maintenance process. Our whole business ethos is to teach people how to create 100% natural, neat, tight, instantly formed low maintenance dreadlocks without the use of any chemicals or products. This is the way our dreadlock training is 100% natural. If you wish to learn how to make free form dreadlocks, that's also another thing entirely. Just look at YouTube or stop combing and conditioning your hair. To start operating as a Dread Loctician in Australia however, you may need to seek a free ABN (Australian Business Number) for tax purposes if you feel it is going to become more than a hobby business.

The laws internationally vary quite a lot. In America the laws vary from state to state! We would love to expand on this blog later with a list of countries and states where you're in the clear, but in the meantime you should be able to call your local chamber of commerce to find out. If you are in California, here's a link to the Department of Consumer Affairs which may contain the right information for the rules around doing natural hair (dread) work. Most states in the U.S.A request people doing natural hair (which we believe the Divine Dreadlocks Loctician Certificate falls into) to have a cosmetology certificate. Yet some states do not. Also if you are starting your service like a "hobby business" then you can safely operate by dreadlocking for "friends" until you choose to become a true business. 


We will continue to research which countries require further licenses to operate as a Natural Dread Loctician, so please feel free to share any valid links you've found & keep checking here. 
Happy locking!

Brisbane Scientist Shaves Metre-Long Dreadlocks For Charity

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The diverse cultural & personal meanings dreads have for their owners...

WHAT DOES HAVING DREADS MEAN FOR YOU? Please feel free to share in the comments!
Having connected with over 2000 different dreadheads since I began my journey tending to the dreadlocks of others, I can say that I've found a recurring theme behind the meaning that dreadlocks hold for many western people in the 21st Century. I've noticed that demographics can actually vary greatly as can the livelihoods of people who have dreads; however one common thread that joins dread owners together seems to be a strong desire to represent their personal freedom (to have hair the way they want, despite what others close to them may think). We also tend to have a somewhat alternative perspective on life. It doesn't seem to matter whether the dread owner is studying law or managing commercial properties, is a painter or a musician, many of us seem to have a spirit that wants to show the world we are free!

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So What is the true cost of getting dreadlocks?? 

Well, that's kind of a funny question, really. It's the same as asking someone: "How long is a piece of string??" Who knows?!? It all depends on a number of factors: how much hair you have, how long your hair is, the width you want your dreads, if you want the tips open or closed, whether you are going to DIY (do it yourself), get a friend or family member to do it, see an dreadlock maker with little experience or whether you see a professional experienced Loctician or go to a hairdresser! Then what method will be used? Backcomb + wax/product OR Twist & Rip + wax/product, backcomb + chemicals + wax in the hairdressers, or backcomb with some crochet, or full crochet with someone who isn't experienced or a very thorough crochet job from a certified Natural Dread Loctician!?? The method really changes the amount of time involved and therefore the price. 



"The price you pay indicates the type of dreads you'll get. It's like buying bread. Cheap bread is poorly made with bad ingredients and isn't very good for you. Expensive bread is made with quality ingredients, is all natural, usually baked by artisans (not a factory that churns out loads) and is really good! Cheap dreads usually look messy and extra work (unless the natty look is just what you're after!) and paying more for dreads will get you well made dreads that look neat and don't need much work."

So, to try to help you, I'll put the average costs below, per category for a particular example, then you can presume that if you have less hair than this example person, it will cost a bit less and if you have more hair than them it will cost more. If for example you have double the length of hair or double the amount of hair then you can safely presume that the cost to you will be double. 

In talking about cost, I also need to mention the resulting reality of your dreadlocks, the maintenance necessary and to the future cost needed to have the dreads the way you might want. 




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