Do You Need A Licence To Be A Loctician?

I've noticed a few people asking whether or not they need a licence to professionally operate as a Loctician. If you're apart of the #DivineDreadlocksTribe then you'll know that we offer plenty of support for getting your business on its feet long after we perfect your skill as a Loctician, but for those who would like to know in advance, I hope this blog post clears things up at least a little.

Do you need a licence to be a Loctician? No, not in Australia. In Australia you don't need a licence to be a Loctician, BUT if you want to start cutting hair you may need a licence as a hairdresser. You may need to seek a free ABN (Australian Business Number) for tax purposes though.

The laws internationally vary quite a lot. In America the laws vary from state to state! We would love to expand on this blog later with a list of countries and states where you're in the clear, but in the mean time you should be able to call your local chamber of commerce to find out.

Happy locking!

Brisbane Scientist Shaves Metre-Long Dreadlocks For Charity

Paul Zerafa had been growing his dreadlocks for 12 years, but it only took minutes for them to be removed.

The haematology scientist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital shaved off his knee-length dreads on Friday after raising about $9000 in less than a month for the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave.

Mr Zerafa shaved at the hospital, where he has worked for 10 years, and said he was blown away by the support of colleagues and friends who donated to the cause.

"Everyone's been so supportive, all my colleagues, my friends, just people in the street," he said.

The scientist works with the haematologists who help treat leukaemia patients at the PAH, which is why he decided to shave.

"You come in to work and you see these patients who are affected by leukaemia," he said.

"[I just thought] it would just be great to show them some support."

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So this is a question that a Loctician gets asked a bit. It's quite funny, because I don't do dread removal. Saying that, I have had a few clients over the 16 years I've been locking, go through the process and try different ways. I've also tried it myself on about 10 dreads just to see what works and what doesn't and how long it takes.

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Yeeeehooooo! So you've got yourself a brand new head of lush fresh dreads! Isn't it exciting!? If you had them made by the Divine Hand & Hook method or by another experienced natural crochet hook Loctician then they will be feeling rather tight and stiff to begin with. This always takes a wee while to adjust to, but it's exactly how the dreads should be if they're locked properly. When new dreads are tight and somewhat rigid it means that there will be minimal ongoing maintenance involved.

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The best state for hair to be in to have dreads made is: clean, but not squeaky clean, dry, not oily and chemical, product and residue free! So once you've booked an appointment to get your dreads made, you need to get your hair in the best state to lock with ease. While the Divine Hand & Hook method of dreadlocking can lock hair no matter what it's condition, we always recommend the following hair preparation procedure, because if your hair is in the best state for locking it makes the Loctician's job easier! And this means, your hair can be locked in a shorter time and cost you less. The new dreads also hold their lock much better!

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The diverse cultural & personal meanings dreads have for their owners...

WHAT DOES HAVING DREADS MEAN FOR YOU? Please feel free to share in the comments!
Having connected with over 2000 different dreadheads since I began my journey tending to the dreadlocks of others, I can say that I've found a recurring theme behind the meaning that dreadlocks hold for many western people in the 21st Century. I've noticed that demographics can actually vary greatly as can the livelihoods of people who have dreads; however one common thread that joins dread owners together seems to be a strong desire to represent their personal freedom (to have hair the way they want, despite what others close to them may think). We also tend to have a somewhat alternative perspective on life. It doesn't seem to matter whether the dread owner is studying law or managing commercial properties, is a painter or a musician, many of us seem to have a spirit that wants to show the world we are free!




There's a few different ways to maintain dreads and after 16 years of working with many different types of dreads, I've seen them all! I'll go through some of the various ways to maintain your dreads or deal with dread issues below. You'll be able to read a description of the method and an explanation of the results that I've witnessed first hand from working on over 1000 heads of dreads...

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Dreadlock extensions are simply quite amazing and I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you have short hair but want long dreads and can't wait to grow your hair, then dread extensions are the only way to go. If you have cut your dreads and want them back with immediate length, dread extensions will do the job.  If you still have your old dreads, they can be cleaned up and re-attached as dread extensions if you find you miss them. 

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