This is a before and after gallery of new dreadlocks made with the "Divine Hand and Hook" method here at Divine Dreadlocks. No wax, no chemicals, no fuss! Just neat, tight, divine sexy locks!


learn how to make dreadlocks

If you like the look of the dreadlocks you see in our gallery but you can't quite afford the big costs involved in getting your new dreadlocks made by a professional Loctician, then perhaps we can still help you.


Since 2013, Em, the owner of Divine Dreadlocks has been teaching her "Divine Hand & Hook" all natural method of making and maintaining dreadlocks to others. There are both LIVE and ONLINE courses!


You don't have to have any experience to learn how to make dreadlocks with her method because she has designed a course aimed at teaching anyone how to make dreadlocks without using any chemicals, wax or other locking products. You don't have to have any hairdressing experience either. 


The Art of Natural Dreadlocking is perfect for anyone wishing to make dreads for themselves (with the help of a friend) or for anyone wishing to learn how to make dreadlocks for their friends or family. 


Seeing a professional to get dreads these days costs around $500 or more for the average head. It is a big outlay and as long as the Loctician is experienced and uses the right natural method, then you will no doubt get amazing dreads. But then there's the dreadlock maintenance, which even the best created dreads need. This is often $100 to $200 a session to have a full head of dreadlocks maintained, so you may need up to $1000 a year put aside to have your dreads looking great all the time. It is an investment that is well worth it to have dreadlocks you LOVE but it isn't affordable for everyone. 


After working as a Dread Loctician for 16 years, Em decided that she would like to empower those who can't afford to visit professional Locticians,  with the skills to make dreadlocks 100% naturally, to enable more people to get good dreads!


Often her first time clients were people who had made dreads using a D.I.Y method that involved shampooing hair with expensive lock accelerator shampoo, tight backcombing and rolling the dreads intensely with locking dust and/or wax. These dread clients tended to be about 3 months into their new dreadlock journey and the results of their efforts didn't make them happy. The dreads were loose, fluffy and messy. They sought out Ema for some advice and to have their dreads locked in properly with the hook. At the end of their dreadlock appointment, they left with neat, tight evenly formed cylindrical dreads, the type they were hoping to get the first time, but didn't. 

They also came away with the knowledge that all methods of making dreadlocks that DON'T involve some thorough locking with a crochet hook involve TIME and a lot EFFORT to get neat, tight dreads. 


The disappointment Em had witnessed from these client's the first time round with their messy diy dreads, was so heart wrenching that she wanted to offer people more information and tuition to make DIY dreadlocks right.


So in 2012, just after her first child was born, with a bit of time off from making dreads for people, Ema sat down to write 3 courses to teach her all natural dreadlocking methods to others. 


These courses are called:


1) Naturally Divine Maintenance (How to Do your own dread maintenance without wax or looping through)


2) The Art of Natural Dreadlocking (How to make dreadlocks and learn to maintain them for loved ones)


3) The Natural Loctician Certificate course (a professional course teaching people how make dreadlocks, maintain dreadlocks and run their own lifestyle business as a Dread Loctician) 

Just click on the links for more information about each course and if you want to make dreadlocks for someone then you can start with the Art of Natural Dreadlocking. 


If you have dreadlocks and want to save money on professional maintenance then the first course is perfect for you and if you LOVE the idea of making and maintaining dreadlocks for others and running your own lifestyle business, then the Loctician Certificate will give you ALL the tools, knowledge and support to get you there, living the dream!