learn how to create and maintain dreadlocks without using any products or wax!

this course is perfect for those who:

  • Wish to learn to create and maintain dreads with a high quality natural method for friends and family.
  • Wish to save money ($250 to $1000) on the cost of getting dreadlocks from a professional Loctician.
  • Can convince their spouse or friend to be their personal dread loctician.
  • Anyone preferring to go with a product free dread method & AVOID WAX & CHEMICALS!
  • Anyone not willing to spend time rolling or waxing new dreads to get them to lock.
  • Anyone wanting instant well formed dreads without the usual 6-12 months wait for solidity.
  • Anyone dabbling in the idea of becoming a Dread Loctician but wants to practice on friends/family first.
  • Do It Yourself parents with kids who want dreads.
  • Do It Yourself partners with beloveds who want dreads.
  • Do It Yourself people with friends who want dreads.


  • Divine Dreadlocks & your teachers history, to feel rest assured your getting top quality tuition.
  • The Divine Hand & Hook 100% natural method of dreadlock creation.
  • How to section the hair for healthy dread creation.
  • How to make instant, neat, tight dreads that don't need rolling.
  • How to maintain dreads without thread, wax or looping through.
  • Natural Dread after care that involves minimal product.


course benefits

  • Save between $250 and $1000 on the cost of getting your new dreads made.
  • Save up to $1000/year on the cost of regular dread maintenance (5 visits/year at $200 each)!
  • Give your friend/partner/relative some amazing, all natural product free dreads! or
  • Get some amazing, all natural, product free dreads from your friend/partner.
  • Never have to use dreadlock enhancing or accelerating products. Save $$$
  • Never have to use dreadlock wax and deal with dust and fluff sticking to the dreads! Save $$$.
  • Save time cleaning waxy pillows and clothing!
  • Get tutored by a professional who has used these exact methods to create her own dreads.
  • Know that  this method will work for you because it has been tried and tested on over 1000 clients with different hair types over a 16 year period! (Just follow the tutorials and give it a go!)
  • Get instant streaming access to the video tutorials via an email, so that they're always easy to find!
  • Don't have to wait for a long time for a great Loctician. Make your dreads today!
  • Learn with ease with well scaffolded lessons (this means you learn the skills in a sequential manner)!
  • Enjoy easy viewing, due to the high quality professional HD filming and sound.
  • Own the course for life. There is no limited views or access!
  • View the course easily in your mobile phone with the Gumroad app. Click here for more info.


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If you have a DISCOUNT CODE you will be able to enter it at the checkout. Please note, the standard price of this course is $AU 247, but you will be charged in $US as the course host is in the USA.


I can't wait for you to be empowered by learning this great skill and being able to create and maintain dreads for friends and loved ones! Or have your friends help you make your own dreadlocks and save you loads of money, effort and time, because you'll do it the fast way.


Happiest locking!