Save up to $1000 each year with d.i.y maintenance

At Divine Dreadlocks we understand that regular dread maintenance can get expensive & there's not always a good Loctician around. That's why we wish to empower you with the skills to keep your own dreads beautiful anytime you want! Our Do It Yourself professional Dread Maintenance course will save you money on dread maintenance costs and help you have neat, tight, lush dreads all the time!

Outlay: $97. Savings: up to $1000/year.

Who is this course for?

  • Divine Dreadlocks "Natural Dread Maintenance Course (D.I.Y)" is the world's first, online course teaching you a professional method for how to do your own dreadlock maintenance 100% naturally and easily, without using any chemicals, products, wax or looping your dread through. 
  • People with dreads who wish to learn how to maintain them without needing to visit a Loctician.
  • People who wish to visit a Loctician less frequently and be able to tidy up their dreads in between visits.
  • People wishing to save money on dread maintenance costs.
  • People who want really tidy beautiful dreads anytime.

What will I learn?

  • Divine Dreadlocks history.
  • A bit about the Divine Hand & Hook method of dreadlocking.
  • How to lock in your regrowth (without looping the dread through).
  • How to lock in loose hairs.
  • How to lock in your loops and bumps.
  • How to tidy up your dread fuzz.
  • How to avoid using any prodcuts ro wax on your dreads.



  • Save up to $800/year on the cost of getting your dreads regularly maintained (4 visits/year at $200 each)!
  • Have the kind of dreads you've always wanted!
  • Stop using all dreadlock enhancing or accelerating products. You won't need them now. Save $$$
  • Stop using dreadlock wax and having dust and fluff stick to your dreads! Save $$$. Save time cleaning waxy pillows!
  • Get tutored by someone who has used these exact methods to keep her own dreads divine for 10 years!
  • Be rest assured this method will work for you because it has been tried and tested on over 1000 clients with different hair types over a 16 year period! (As long as you follow the tutorials and give it a go!)
  • Get instant streaming access to the video tutorials via an email, so that they're always easy to find!
  • Experience ease of learning with well scaffolded lessons (this means you learn the skills in a sequential manner)!
  • Enjoy easy viewing, due to the high quality professional HD filming and sound.
  • Own the course for life. There is no limited views or access!
  • Download the Gumroad library app to keep the course in your mobile phone or tablet for easy viewing anytime. For more information on the library app, click here.


This course is occasionally offered to people with a discount. Go back to the WELCOME page and "JOIN US" if you wish to see if you're currently eligible for a freebie or reduced course fee. And continue on for more info about the course then click on the green pay button to get the course. If you have a FREE or DISCOUNT CODE you will be able to enter it at the checkout. Please note, the standard price is $AU97, so if it is less at the moment, grab it because the discounts are just run for a short time. Please note that you will be charged in $US as the course host is form USA. And if you choose credit card payment, some Australian banks won't allow the transaction to go through without your authorization first because it's a foreign transaction. If this occurs, just call your bank to "authorize all transactions from Gumroad" & it will go through.


I can't wait for you to be empowered by learning this great skill!

And having dreads you are proud of all the time!

Happiest locking!