FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions about dreads)


At Divine Dreadlocks we wish to share our in depth knowledge about dreadlocks with everyone to help you make the best dreadlock decisions. For the answers to all the common questions regarding dreads, scroll down below. If your question is missing just add it using the form at the bottom of the page and we will respond and add it to the list.

Q - How long does my hair have to be to get dreads done?

A - It's best if your hair is at least about 20cm long from root to tip, or chin length.


Q - Why does my hair have to be a certain length to get dreads?

A - There's no point locking really short hair, you end up with a very short dreadlocks that just stick out. Your tiny dread will be fragile (as there's not much hair locked) and will require constant root locking every 6 weeks until the dread reaches about 10 cm until it becomes sturdy. It is also very difficult to lock as we can't matt up short hair easily. 


Q - My hair isn't quite that length but I really don't want to wait for it to grow. Can I still get dreads?

 A - The best option for you if your hair is at least 8cm and under 20cm is to get your hair dreaded and have dread extensions added. We do a seamless dread extension. Click to go to that page.


Q - How do you get the hair to lock?

 A - We use the only method that ensures 100% natural dreadlocks that are instantly & permanently locked! The Divine Hand and Hook method (DH&H) comprises of gentle back-combing to matt the section of hair and then each & every single hair becomes interlocked with the others from the scalp to tip to ensure a tight & thorough lock throughout the length of the dread. There is No WAX, NO CHEMICALS & NO PRODUCTS NEEDED to get the dread to lock. With DH&H your locks are guaranteed to be neat & tight and they won't ever require rolling or wax.


Q - Will I have to continue working on my new dreads to make sure they stay locked.

 A - No, they are permanently locked from the start? 


Q - Is there any upkeep with this method?

 A - With the DH&H method the ONLY upkeep is locking your roots as your hair grows & trimming the length fuzzies. All dreads need this. Occasionally wild hair types have curl blowouts that may need locking back in. This takes 1 minute.


Q - How often should I get my roots locked?

 A - It is up to you. If you want very neat and tidy dreads get them locked using the DH&H method every 3 months is what we recommend. If you aren't that fussed then twice a year is fine. Though it's gets messy at the top by the 6 month mark so getting the roots locked every 3 months works out to be the same cost as waiting till the 6 month mark, as it will require more work at 6 months.


Q - Can I wash my dreads?

A - Yes, but it's best not to shampoo or wet your dreads for the first 2-4 weeks when your they're fresh to avoid the 'fuzzies', however if they get dirty in this time, you can rinse them in the shower with just water.

After the first month it's best to wash dreads when they are literally dirty, but they don't ever need as much washing as normal hair. Once a week to one a month is good. Only use a 100% natural shampoo (as chemical shampoos contain agents that can fuzz up &/or soften your dreads), then pat dry with a towel or use air and sun (it's best not to rub them with a towel as this can pull hairs out and create the fuzzy look.). You DON'T need any special dreadlock blocks or shampoos that help the locking procedure with our method of locking!! Your dreads will already be as locked as they can be :)


Q - What type of shampoo is best to use on my dreads?

A - You can avoid using expensive dreadlock shampoos as some work well and others don't. It is best to use a 100% natural chemical, residue free shampoo made from herbs etc. Natural Instinct has a great organic herbal shampoo called "Organic Instinct" that is sold in many Australian chemists and we sell it in our dreadlock lounge for $15. It's very good value for money.

We also recommend a Dread-Loc Bloc which washes & tightens your dreads at the same time. It's very easy to use, as you just run the bloc down your dreads & it lathers up really well. It's made from 100% natural Australian ingredients like lemon myrtle & macadamia oil, so it also smells divine!


Q - Should I condition or oil my dreads?

 A - NO! Dreads don't need or like conditioner OR oil. Conditioning is the opposite effect. Dreadlocks made with other methods come open if conditioner is used and they are not 100% locked. With DH&H made dreads after 6 months (when the dreads are more settled in) you could use conditioner without any worry of dreads opening, but it is not recommended. It will make them feel soft, which can be nice, but also fuzzes them up, which isn't what you want!


Q - My head is itchy with my dreads. How can I stop my scalp itching?

 A - Due to the fact that your scalp is being stimulated a lot less with dreads, the skin secretes less natural oils and dries up a little causing dandruff & an itchy scalp. Divine Dreadlocks sells a beautiful natural scalp care solution called - "LOVE YA SCALP" which contains a special blend of natural essential oils in filtered water. When sprayed on your scalp (twice weekly for great results) & massaged in a little, "LOVE YA SCALP" wards off bacteria, prevents dandruff, removes the itch, cleans your scalp & dreads and prevents lice - not to mention it makes your dreads smell divine!


Q - How long does it take to get dreads or have maintenance done?

 It all depends on where you get them done and the experience of your Loctician. 

DREAD CREATION with the DH&H method can take between 4-10 hours for an experienced Loctician. Average of 7 hours. t may take between 10 and 30 hours with a Loctician in their first year. Of course it all depends on how much hair you have. If you have a sparse amount of hair it will take less time, if you have a lot of hair it will take more time. More dreads on a head, means more time spent to make them.

DREAD MAINTENANCE 1-6 hours. Average of 2 hours with a very experienced Loctician. Average of 4 hours with someone in their first year.


Q - My hair is very fine, can I still get dreads, will it lock up okay?

A - Yes, while the backcomb, roll and wax method wouldn't lock your hair well, the Divine Hand & Hook method can lock any hair type without a problem. And you hair will stay locked!


Q - I've seen photos of some dreads where you can see the scalp. Will I look scalpy? 

A - All new dreads show the scalp a little as they've been freshly sectioned. It's the same as when someone gets their hair done in braids. Some of your scalp shows because the hair is pulled tight to the scalp when they're fresh. Only someone standing over you and looking down head will see it and after about 3 weeks your new dreads relax a bit you won't see the scalp anymore. If you prefer the relaxed look straight away, just ask your Loctician to make the bases a bit looser.


Q - I had my dreads done at a salon and they are full of wax. I don't want to have to keep applying wax and rolling it in. Can you help to lock my dreads so I don't have to keep using wax?

A - Yes, that's what the DH&H method is all about - using hair and only hair, no wax and no chemicals. If you have wax in your dreads, you will need to wash it out with very hot water a week before your appointment, then give your dreads a good wash with a natural shampoo.


Q - I have heard stories that dreads are dirty and sometimes insects or even spiders can get in them. Is there any truth in that or is it just an urban myth?

A - Everyone's personal level of hygiene is different. If someone neglects to look after their hair and hygiene and they spend time in the bush, they may get insects or spiders in their hair, whether they have dreads or not. And if someone has dreads that they haven't ever looked after they get very matted, there's always the possibility that if they're in very close proximity to nature, insects or spiders can get into the matted clumps. But basically, if you look after yourself and don't go rubbing your dreads in the dirt or spider webs you don't have to worry. And all you have to do to keep your dreads clean, is wash them!


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