Do You Need A Licence To Be A Loctician?

I've noticed a few people asking whether or not they need a licence to professionally operate as a Loctician. If you're apart of the #DivineDreadlocksTribe then you'll know that we offer plenty of support for getting your business on its feet long after we perfect your skill as a Loctician, but for those who would like to know in advance, I hope this blog post clears things up at least a little.

Do you need a licence to be a Loctician? No, not in Australia. In Australia you don't need a licence to be a Loctician, BUT if you want to start cutting hair you may need a licence as a hairdresser. You may need to seek a free ABN (Australian Business Number) for tax purposes though.

The laws internationally vary quite a lot. In America the laws vary from state to state! We would love to expand on this blog later with a list of countries and states where you're in the clear, but in the mean time you should be able to call your local chamber of commerce to find out.

Happy locking!