who is the natural loctician certificate perfect for?

  • Anyone who wants to be their own boss, create their own working hours & meet lovely people.
  • People who love dreads & wish to make & maintain them for a living.
  • People who appreciate dreads & want a creative lucrative at home business.
  • Mums who don't wish to return to work after having kids.
  • Dads who don't wish to return to fly in fly out (or overly demanding) jobs after having kids.
  • Anyone with good people skills and handy hands.
  • Anyone who is wanting to work for themselves at home or in a funky studio.
  • Anyone wishing to escape the rat race.
  • Young school leavers not sure what they want to do with an interest in a service orientated business.
  • Hairdressers who wish to add natural dread creation to their list of skills.
  • Hairdressers who wish to get away from the chemical method of making dreads.


  • Divine Dreadlocks and your trainer's history and background.
  • About the 3 main other dreadlock methods and their results.
  • How DH&H method produces instant natural dreads, that don't need further rolling to lock. 
  • How to make dreadlocks that are neat, tight and well formed from the start.
  • How to make dreadlocks without ever having to use a product.
  • How to tackle dread maintenance issues without wax, threads or looping through.
  • OH&S for natural dreadlocking.
  • Diverse conversation skills & how to gain repeat clients.
  • How to set up your dreadlocking studio.
  • How to give high end client service.
  • How to section hair for making dreads. 
  • How to create the correct sized base for dreadlocks depending on the hair type.
  • How to assist clients with all dreadlock decisions.
  • How to give natural after care advice.
  • How to quote clients.
  • The current market price for creation and dreadlock maintenance.
  • The wage increases possible as your experience grows.
  • Marketing basics for your business.


  • Become your own boss, work from home and choose the days and hours you work!
  • Take holidays and time off when you want to!
  • Quit a job that you don't like and crank up a dreadlocking business as your main source of income!
  • Operate as a hobby business around your main job to earn extra cash to save for travel, holidays, renovations etc
  • Work as little as you want to just earn a bit of extra cash on the side, or
  • Work as much as you can to earn up to $2000 for a 5 day week.
  • Earn from $AU25 to $AU150 per hour! That's $US20 to $US130 per hour.
  • Have a business with no overheads! Once you've got a couple of chairs and your tool kit it's all profit!
  • Create the kind of dreads that people are proud of, ones that raise the perceptions of dreads in society!
  • Be tutored by someone who has used these methods to create and maintain her own dreads for 10 years!
  • Be rest assured this method will work for people of all backgrounds, because it has been tried and tested on over 2000 clients with different hair types over a 16 year period!
  • Use this method equally on Caucasian, Asian or African hair!
  • Have the opportunity to gain a loyal following of repeat clients!
  • Enjoy what you do and wake up smiling every "working" day!
  • Meet a wide range of really lovely people!
  • Be creative, add dread accessories or natural dread care products to your business.
  • Be supported by your trainer, other students and graduates of the course in the private facebook group.

BENEFITS OF THE ONLINE COURSE (in comparison to the live face to face training):

  • Half the price of the live course. Less than half price if you get a discount.
  • Perfect if you're an autonomous learner (if you're good at motivating yourself to complete goals).
  • Study at home in your pajamas and save money on the cost of travel to the live course.
  • Study this course from ANY country in the world as long as you have internet.
  • Easily set up your learning schedule using the example in the course GUIDE.
  • Learn at your own pace. Fit the study in around work, kids or while you're travelling.
  • Gain your certificate in as little as 7 days and you have up to 90 days to complete the easy assessments.
  • Get instant streaming access to the video tutorials via an email, so that they're always easy to find!
  • Experience ease of learning as the skills are taught in a sequential manner.
  • Enjoy easy viewing, due to the high quality, professional, High Definition filming and sound.
  • Enjoy lifetime unlimited course access, so you can go back and re-study areas if you're feeling stuck.
  • There is no limited views or access to this course! 
  • Download the Gumroad library app to keep the course in your mobile phone or tablet.
  • For more information on the Gumroad library app, click here.

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or if you prefer to study face to face:

You're welcome to join us to study the Loctician Certificate course LIVE. There are 5 intakes per year.  Click here to ENROL in the next LIVE course! OR continue down the page if the ONLINE course is for you!