so you want to be a natural loctician & you'd like to learn more about the LIVE course...

course contents

The Natural Loctician Certificate Course has been created by a professional teacher (and Dread Loctician with over 17 years experience), so each day is tailored to allow students to learn with ease, have fun & not get bored. You will learn a mixture of practical and theoretical skills on day 1 and 2, while on day 3 you will utilise all your previous knowledge and live a day in the life of a Dread Loctician as you get to create your first full head of natural dreadlocks on a true client ( who has agreed to model for the course).

Here is what the course will cover:

  1. Divine Dreadlocks & your trainers history.
  2. Information on the most common dreadlocking methods.
  3. Information on the Divine Hand & Hook method.
  4. All related Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S for natural dreadlocking).
  5. How to section hair for dreads. Bricklayer style, rectangles & triangles. Touching on diamond shapes.
  6.  The art of diverse conversation & how developing rapport increases business.
  7.  Your work space set up.
  8.  How to make dreadlocks using the Divine Hand & Hook method.
  9.  Learn about tips: open, closed or tapered. How to close a tip.
  10.  Maintenance Issues and how to fix them.
  11.  How to deal with client inquiries for both maintenance and new dread creation, pre & post booking.
  12. How to offer high end customer service.
  13. What to charge: hourly rate and fixed prices.
  14. How to log your times and quote, when to raise rates.
  15. Natural dreadlock after care knowledge.
  16. Natural product knowledge and wholesale account for Divine Dreadlocks natural products & tools.
  17. Knowledge of different hair types and how they dread. 
  18. How to answer all client questions for life with dreads.
  19. Basic marketing essentials. 
  20. Free advertising on Divine Dreadlocks Website and free online support.

Please note that extensions are NOT included in this course. To do extensions well ( so they don't fall out or get loose) you need to have experience at dreadlocking first and have made at least 5 full heads of dreads. It is a Level 2 skill and is taught in the Natural Loctician Certificate Level 2, which will be released online later this year. (If you would like to do this course LIVE then please express your interest in an email to



Q – Can I get any government assistance to pay the course fee?

A –No. Unfortunately the Natural Loctician Certificate cannot be registered as a government approved Vocational Education & Training (VET) course due to the fact that Dreadlock Services do not qualify for approval with ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority). They are not seen as “meeting an established industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community need”. Dreadlocks are not recognised as necessary in any way by the Australian Government! How strange. 


Q – Is the certification nationally recognised?

A – Divine dreadlocks has a very high reputation for providing excellent dreadlocking services & top customer service since 2006 in Australia & 2000 in Europe. The skills offered by this certificate will be recognised as valuable by the people who matter most: your clients. As the course is not government endorsed the Certificate is a private Certificate given by Divine Dreadlocks & your trainer. It has helped people get jobs in salons as dread locticians. 


Q – I am really keen to study this course but I am on a low income or a student and I can’t afford the course fee in one hit. Do you have any payment plans??

A – Yes there are payment plans for those interested and genuinely of low income (less than $35k/annum). The full course fee must be paid in full before attending the course, however you can pay in certain installments. Call Ema for approval on 0406 436 630


Q- Can I genuinely make $1000 in a 2 or 3 day week?

A- Yes, but remember that your income will be based on your level of quality, speed, experience & the           demand for your services. This demand is dependent on your personal motivation level and ability to market your services, including word of mouth from happy customers. If you apply all your learning correctly and are motivated you CAN make this within 3-12 months. 


Q- What can I charge as a Dread Loctician.

A- You will get thorough current market rates in the course info, but you can charge from $20/hour when starting, up to $100 per hour once your speed/quality/reputation are high. At Divine Dreadlocks, we have capped our rates at $70/hr and have 17 years experience, however in 2017 there are Locticians charging $160 per hour. Keep your rates at a place where you and your client are happy. It must be a win win. 


PLEASE CONTACT Em by emailing: if you have any more questions.