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We would like to put an end to the HUGE worldwide misconception, that having beautiful, neat, tight, well formed dreads, takes time.........because in the world of Divine Dreadlocks, it doesn't!! And it never did!


Having lovely well formed dreads from day one, is simply a matter of method, NOT TIME!  All it just takes, is a bit of sound knowledge about the various methods of making dreadlocks and then having the wisdom to avoid all the ones which require extra work and products to help get your dreads to form. Unless of course, you like the extra work and products!?!


At Divine Dreadlocks, Ema and the team have been providing the highest quality, all natural, dreadlocking services to clients from all around the world for over 16 years. There's now well over 1000 clients who have walked away with awesome neat, tight, well formed dreads after a days sitting. Not one of them had to buy product to help their dreads to mature, not one had to buy wax to stick them together. We just like to keep things simple and natural.


So after hearing many a sad story about people who have been disappointed by their first dreads, we wish to share our knowledge with the world, so you can avoid the same mistake!




Dreads can either be high maintenance or virtually no maintenance, troublesome or easy, depending on which method is used to create them in the first place. If you go anywhere where the method does NOT involve interlocking each hair together with a small hook, then we can guarantee that you WON'T get instant dreads. We don't want to freak you out or anything, but you'll need to work on them at least once a week (by palm rolling and adding wax or lock peppa) AND it will take about 6 to 12 months for for your new dread style to become permanent neat dreadlocks (and that's as long as you do the work)!!


Dreads that aren’t created by someone who knows what they're doing with a crochet hook

don’t actually start off locked!


What you get is just a “dread” without the “lock”. Then it’s a mixture of time and effort expended by the wearer (after you’ve spent all that money) to get a nice strong dreadlock! 


Wouldn’t you prefer to get your dreads made permanently & neatly from the beginning?!


Since the year 2000, Ema (the owner & principle Loctician of Divine Dreadlocks), has perfected the Thai crochet hook method into an art form that creates 100% natural permanent dreads which require very little maintenance, don’t involve loosing much length and don’t have any wax, chemicals or products involved at any stage of the making or maintenance!


This incredible method is called the: "Divine Hand and Hook Method".

It's 100% eco friendly! And it rocks!


It is an art form involving detailed interlocking of each and every strand of hair - without the use of any products, nasty chemicals or wax. It’s 100% natural dread creation.  The only things used is SKILL, a small hook, a comb and your hair.


So if you want real, natural, beautiful dreadlocks without any other yucky stuff in them, let Divine Dreadlocks help you!


Check out our website to become well informed about dreads so you can feel rest assured that you're making the best decision you could make for your dreadlocked journey.


And if you want more proof that the Divine Hand & Hook method is the best choice for your dreads, or the best choice for learning how to make dreads read our client testimonials to see how happy people are with their Divine Dreadlocks!


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  • Browse through our FAQ's where all your questions about dreads can be answered.
  • Learn all about the cost involved in getting dreads and having them maintained.
  • Learn how to care for your new dreads.
  • Learn all about getting or making dreadlock extensions.
  • Enrol in the Natural Loctician Certificate Course & create a lifestyle business as a Dread Loctician/Artist.



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